Learn Python: Python for Beginners
I created a beginner, online, Python course. The course includes introductory material for learning basic programming and Python through the Udemy platform. Students are exposed to video lectures and a public discussion forum (where they can ask questions).

You can find the course page on Udemy.

Blow Me Away
During UofTHacks 2015 a couple of friends and I decided to try and wirelessly control a fan.

We used an Intel Edison board, and a Myo armband - as well some transistors, relays, and logic gates - to create a gesture-controlled fan.

The Myo would send signals that mapped to HTTP requests on a server that existed on the Edison board. Based on the type of request that was sent, the Edison board would send an electrical pulse to the appropriate control for the fan.

Chegg Tutor
Before creating my online course, I spent a bit of time as a tutor on InstaEDU (later Chegg Tutors).

I spent time tutoring students 1-on-1 for programming and computer science concepts.

Find Me A Support
During MHacks 2014 my team started to work on creating "Find Me A Support", a website that used the League of Legends API to allow users to type in their username and find other players near their skill level.

I worked on the website with a teammate over the following months.

You can check out the older source code here.

Programming Methodology
While I wouldn't consider it a real project, I did want to include my first programming course.

I started programming in middle school through the class "Programming Methodology," taught by Mehran Sahami (available through the Stanford Engineering Everywhere program).

After I created a Github, I put my files online.

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Abrar Hussain

I'm a student studying computer science at the University of Toronto. Previously, I spent some time interning at Amazon. I'm currently interning at Uber as a Software Engineer Intern.



Abrar Hussain

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